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Talking Hands Foundation

Talking Hands supports deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda. The foundation focuses on creating opportunities for and integrating deaf and hard of hearing people in Ugandan society, for example by making education accessible. By supporting various projects with a holistic approach and cooperating with local partners, Talking Hands contributes to a better life for deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda.


Work in Uganda

Talking Hands cooperates with Ugandan partner organisation New Hope for the Deaf, which coordinates the various projects on site. Together, we are facilitating primary education and vocational training for deaf and hard of hearing children and youth, teaching sign language to parents and the community, supporting deaf women in making crafts, and realising a new school for the deaf. 


Talking Hands regularly organises activities with the aim of raising funds for the foundation and creating awareness of the situation of deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda. For example, every year Talking Hands is present at several markets. In cooperation with volunteers, new fundraising activities are constantly being realised and the acquisition group is in contact with various partners. 

Selling crafts

Talking Hands sells crafts handmade by deaf women in Uganda. The women are paid fairly for their work, while the income is also used to fund other projects in Uganda. At the markets and in the webshop you can find beautiful bags, wrapping skirts, stuffed animals, jewellery and much more! 

The goals of the foundation

Talking Hands aims to promote the social integration of deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda and to create opportunities for them. The foundation does this by, among other things:


Quality education

For underprivileged deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda. 

Logo handen
Logo handen


Of deaf and hard of hearing people into the Ugandan labour market.

Information work

In Uganda on topics related to deafness. 

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Raise awareness

In Europe about the situation of deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda. 

The full film is available at the site Photos and Videos.

An overview of the situation

There are no reliable statistics, but the number of deaf and hard of hearing people in Uganda is higher than in many other countries. In addition, deaf people in Uganda are often discriminated against. Many people do not know much about the causes and consequences of deafness and think that deaf and hard of hearing children are not able to be educated since they have never heard of sign language. Also, most special education institutions for deaf children are private and charge a lot of school fees. Costs for school and transportation are often higher than the parents can afford. 

 While most children in Uganda can nowadays attend public primary schools for free, deaf children remain excluded. This way, many deaf children grow up without being able to go to school, without being able to speak a language and without being able to stand up for their rights. This makes these children extra vulnerable to violence and abuse. 

What we as a foundation stand for:

The cooperation with local partner New Hope for the Deaf is of great importance to the achievement of the goals and projects. Talking Hands encourages independent management of the projects by the local partner, who knows the context best. The most important aspect of cooperation is the sharing of knowledge and the contribution of mutual ideas.


Partner organisation New Hope for the Deaf works closely with the families of deaf and hard of hearing children to reduce stigma. By teaching sign language to parents, and by enabling the parents to see that deaf and hard of hearing children can learn through special education, discrimination is greatly reduced. 


Deaf and hard of hearing children and young people in Uganda are a particularly vulnerable group. Therefore, it is very important that they can grow up in a safe environment. The children and young people learn a language, make friends and flourish in a secure environment where they can discover the world. 


Unfortunately, the target group of development organisations is often approached as a victim. Talking Hands wants to change this. We believe it is important that the dignity of the deaf and hard of hearing people we support is safeguarded. Our vision is to highlight the capabilities, possibilities and ambitions of these people. 


How can you support?

Active contribution

We are always looking for new volunteers who want to help with crafts sales at markets! You can also organise a charity activity in your neighbourhood, such as selling second-hand goods or Ugandan crafts. Or ask for a donation to Talking Hands for your birthday or anniversary. 


Ideas or suggestions

Do you have any ideas or suggestions that could help us in our fundraising? Do you know an organisation that sympathises with our objectives and would like to collaborate with us? Do you have feedback that can help optimise the foundation? Please let us know! 



By donating, you contribute to the continuity of the projects in Uganda. We are happy with any amount! If you are interested in supporting us on a regular basis and would like to receive tax benefits, please contact us.