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Talking Hands’ projects in Uganda are making a big difference for deaf and hard of hearing people in Ugandan society. Talking Hands’ projects can only continue thanks to donations. We can therefore really use your support! We are happy with every contribution. To guarantee the continuity of our projects, periodical donations are especially welcome.  


You can donate in different ways. The best way is to transfer the desired amount from your bank account or to give a standing order. 


The bank details of Talking Hands are as follows: 


Talking Hands Foundation 

IBAN: NL 74 RABO 0301 2992 50 



If you use the button above, you can donate directly via iDeal and other payment options. In doing so, 5% of the donation will remain with the charitable donation platform 


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Do you want to donate?


Talking Hands Foundation is recognised as an ANBI (public benefit organization) by the Dutch government and meets strict conditions for this. This includes, for example, the requirement that more than 90% of all incomes serve the publicbenefit. The ANBI status ensures that donors of the foundation can rely on the fact that at least 90% of all incomes go directly to the projects supported by Talking Hands. In addition, Talking Hands works with full transparency. For example, we publish an annual report and financial statements. The ANBI status is therefore a seal of approval: you can donate with confidence.  


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Tax benefits

Because Talking Hands is a foundation with ANBI status, donors located in the EU can make use of tax benefits. How to apply for the tax benefits depends on the EU country you live in. In the Netherlands, you can fill in your (one-time) donation to Talking Hands when doing your tax return. It is important that you can prove your donation by means of a bank statement. It is also possible to make a periodic donation by means of a written agreement with Talking Hands. This applies if you wish to make a donation to Talking Hands for at least 5 years. You then pay the same amount every year, at least once a year, but this can also be more often. The agreement gives you an annual tax advantage for your periodic gifts. In other EU countries besides the Netherlands, a written agreement might not be necessary. Periodic gifts are very nice for Talking Hands, because it helps us to have a good overview of the income we can expect. Please contact us to make an agreement with tax benefits! 


If you wish more information specifically for the country you live in, feel free to contact us at 

More information on tax benefits and periodic gifts in the Netherlands can be found on the following website:

Periodic and regular donations (

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Business donors

As a business donor, Talking Hands Foundation is happy to meet you. We can help you increase the awareness of your company or organisation by publicising your support on the Talking Hands website, in the newsletter and through social media. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

Of course, the tax benefits also apply to business donors in the EU! Donations to an ANBI can be deducted from the profit. In the Netherlands, the donations must be able to be proven in writing, for example by means of a bank statement. The donation may not exceed 50% of the profit.  


If you wish more information specifically for the country you live in, feel free to contact us at 

More information for business donors in the Netherlands can be found at: 

Deductible donations (

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