Donations are very important for the continuation of Talking Hands’ projects. A large part of Talking Hands’ income consists of regular and one-time donations. Talking Hands is eager to raise more donations to ensure that the work in Uganda continues and that the objectives set are achieved. Through its website, social media, and personal contact, Talking Hands aims to expand its reach. 


Since 2022 Talking Hands has a webshop (soon online) where Ugandan crafts are sold. By buying crafts from the webshop, the projects of the foundation are directly supported. The webshop is linked to the website, so it is clear that the crafts are sold for charity. The proceeds benefit the projects of Talking Hands in Uganda. 




Talking Hands is engaged in networking with companies and organisations who wish to financially support the projects on a regular basis. There are several financing options; contributing to the fixed costs of the foundation’s projects on the one hand, and supporting a specific project or cause on the other. Talking Hands is currently in contact with several relief funds, foundations and comparable organisations. 


During the summer and Christmas period Talking Hands is regularly present with a stall on markets, such as the Africa Festival in Hertme and the Christmas market in Singen (Germany). The products are, like the products in the webshop, handmade for deaf women in Uganda. Unfortunately the sale of crafts on markets has been temporarily stopped by Covid-19. However, we hope to be able to continue the sale again soon.